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Movie drinking games?

Question: does anyone have suggestions of movies that are good for drinking games? Preferably not action movies though. And horror is most welcome.

Also in specific anyone have ideas for a drinking game for the movie THe Craft (1996). Cheers.

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Im only at the beginning of season 3 but people actually hate Emma and Hook? Why? Does he do something stupid in season 3. OR what?

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Im thinking about the REign final and slowly becoming worried about it. I keep thinking that Henry seems a logical choice to die but Im super worried something is going to happen to my girl Kenna.

They said two deaths right?

What if they completey surprise us. What if Francis is successful at getting Henry off the throne without killing him (I love Alans acting so I would be ok with this)
So Im searching for other possible deaths:

Lola: I didnt think this was a possibility with the pregnancy and her marriage. But Lord Julien or Remy is gone now. She is freaking huge too so what if its twins. What if its the kids that Mary said in the prophecy when her and Francis are in bed. What if Lola dies during childbirth.

Castleroy: Leith might be a possibilty now when Francis comes to be King. What if he they Castleroy all awesome and stuff and then he dies trying to be noble and keep Greer safe or something. I mean they’ve started to make us and Greer care about him so it would be actually sad if he died now.

Remy: Remy comes back to Lola for whatever reason and dies. Dont really care that much.

Leith: Would be horrible But plausible. :(

I dont think Catherine, Mary, Francis or Bash are going to die. I think thats obvious.

I just really dont want Kenna to die and Im going to hate it if she does.

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Ok who else loves Lord Castleroy?

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Im sorry but that was disappointing. It was nothing that shocking or new. Nothing we kinda of already didn’t guess just told from Ali’s point of view.

I mean the way they were hinting it was obvious Ali’s mum had something to do with it that night. 

Still dont know who hit Ali. 

Still dont know what Melissa or Cece are up to. 

Still dont know what all this MRs D vs the Hastings is about because I dont think its just about Mrs D thinking Spencer has something to do with hurting Ali.

We still dont know what Ali has really been doing all this time. LIke yeah trying to help the girls. But how? Who has been helping her? Noel? Whats his secrets.

And im pretty sure we all know Ezra is going to live. He’ll probably wake up with amnesia or something. 

That was ok but nothing spectacular. But tbh PLL finales barely ever live up to expectations and only like 2 things have ever really been shocking.

OH yeah who is in Ali’s grave? Oh and excuse me because I missed this small aprt. But Mona was the A threatening Ali? Or at least helping that person so why didnt she just kill her then.  WHy send her away just so she could hurt the girls? Is A actually the one who hit Ali though? Or was it someone to do with Mrs D which is why she’s protecting them and it actually has nothing to do with A. 

Really that was just more confusing than satisfying.

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Ok that episode of Reign was all sorts of crazy, good crazy.

Kenna, Catherine and Henry were awesome. Henry and Catherine shenanigans need more screen time. Kenna trying to act pure… haha.

I love that Mary was super angry at Lola but was scared about lying to Francis, be interesting to see how she handles him next episode.

Poor Bash. But if some random hunter girl makes him happy for a little while Im call with that. And now him and Mary have a kind of bat signal.

And also I love how Kenna is progressing. She was all naive and stuff in the beginning. She got attacked, lost her virtue only to be rejected and was constantly put down by Catherine. She’s starting to wise up. It started when Catherine was in jail and now shes back with the King and getting his help to bag a suitor.

As for her advice to Lola, well I think she was right. Its not what Lola wanted to hear but Kenna was just saying another option. In that day and age Lola’s situation would be difficult and Kenna was just saying it could help Lola. I dont think she was thinking of Mary tbh, she was just thinking of how Lola could cope with this. She’s wising up to the politics of court. Also she didnt run off to Mary or anything, she kept Lola’s secret. So in doing that and trying to give her the advice (as much as Lola didnt want to hear it) I think she had LOla’s best interest at heart. I mean the look of concern on her face when she realised Lola really had gone to get an abortion. I am totally starting to love Kenna and I want her storylines to keep getting better. 

As for Frary. Eh. Im not uber invested in them atm. Not because of Bash or anything but it just seems a little boring. Dont get me wrong they have their cute moments but thats why I cant wait to see what goes down next week. Also we still dont know who ordered those guards on Bash. I just have to keep remember that Francis is still a kid really and yeah he is a little bit of entitled brat. IF Henry dies I hope that when Francis takes the throne we see a change in him. It might not be the best change but he would grow up one way or another I think. ( I still like him and his adorable smile though :))

Also the dresses in this episode! I mean they’re always great and I always love a couple in each episode. But I loved pretty much all. Kenna’s in particular were gorgeous!

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Anonymous asked: "FFS, what are you even talking about ! Nobody talked about boycotting anything, some people spread this silly rumor once and that's it. Maybe, just MAYBE, it would be about time that people find another excuse than the word "boycott" everytime the ratings are bad. Maybe the stories are to blame ? Maybe the writing is to blame ? Maybe the way things are handling is to blame ? You and everyone else need to realise ALL the viewers are not crazy shippers on the internet. GOSH. - Jules"

Well clearly you know what Im talking about since you’ve gone on to address it.

Secondly it was more a threat of boycott.. I dont actually know the ratings so was merely talking about the threat of a boycott and how silly it seems. I wasnt aware the ratings had actually dropped (if they have). 

Secondly I didnt call everyone crazy. But from what Ive seen, there are a few. If the post doesnt apply to you there is no need to be so defensive because it clearly isnt about you.

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Long may the show Reign.. unless silly ‘fans’ keep being silly.

I feel the need for a Reign rant and its going to be messy. Firstly let me just say I ship ALOT of couples!. I mean Frary, Mash, Lola and Francis, Lola and Bash. Heck even when Kenna and Bash had that little talk I was like feck the King get with Bash.. ok so maybe Kenna and the King is one I dont LOVE but Im still ok about that.

Anyhoo I hate how Reign is turning into Gossip Girl, TVD shipping wars. I mean seriously. 

Also BOYCOTTING a show because you dont get your ship? SERIOUSLY? I guess I should understand because this show is aimed at younger audience but I dont think you get what that means. Sure lets get the show cancelled. That means a bunch of people lose their JOBS. That means you wont get to see your Francis, Bash, Mary EVER AGAIN. There would be no Frary or even the possibility. I mean just stick with it because the writers have a plan. 

Secondly the show exists beyond the gosh damn love triangle. I personally love seeing what Lola, Greer and Kenna get up to. Im interested in the whole political stuff they get into. I like hearing more back story about Catherine and the King. 

Now lets talk about the proposals. Now let me say again I like Mary with both the brothers.. but everyone is like oh shes so happy saying yes to Francis and its so sullen with Bash. Im pretty sure they are in completely different places in these episodes. When Francis proposes to Mary they are in a happy place, they were getting their way so they were in great spirits. Now look at what happened before Mary and Bash proposal.  His brothers were kidnapped and Mary killed Clarissa. I mean Im not sure Bash would have even done it then had Mary not said it first. But they’ve been through alot.

As for people saying one couple has more chemistry than the other. Well tbh thats just a matter of opinion. Personally I think both couples have great chemistry which is was makes it hard.

Anyways Im pretty sure it’ll be a Frary wedding but they’ll have ALOT of obstacles. Shit will happen that may even push Mary back to Bash, especially if Francis has another Olivia episode. 

Oh and leave Lola alone. Shes been pretty strong and great for Mary lately and we barely got to see her grieve over Collin. I mean as far as shes concerned Mary is engaged to Bash. Yeah its still not a great decision but they’re teenagers remember. 

And also those saying Mary has changed. Well duh. Look at all the stuff that has happened to her since she got to court. It has nothing to do with being with Bash. It has EVERYTHING to do with whats being done to her and what she has to deal with. Mary and Francis still had their fair share of problems too. And you can go back on episodes and pick out all the cute Frary moments AND all the cute Mash moments.

I just hate when people claim to love a show and whatever and then the minute something they dont like happens they threaten to boycott. I mean honestly the writers write these storylines for the drama. Its not suppose to be all rainbows and unicorns. Great cute moments are littered throughout the episodes to give you hope but you have to stick with it through the parts you might not agree with. Also I feel for the writers because its so hard to please everyone who is watching, especially when the majority are probably teenage girls.

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Ok I LOVE Reign but theres just one problem…

I dont know who I like Mary with more. Everytime she’s with Francis Im like awww Frary and they’re so cute. Then she ran away with Bash and I was all sad but then the more scenes they had together the more I loved them and now Im like yay Mash (Im a little slow on what their ship name is?)… but I know Francis will come back and have awesome scenes with Mary too. Hmmm. Id be happy either way as long as the other brother  gets someone adorable too… (though I have  a feeling one of them will die eventually :()

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I kind of do want Ezra to be A but he didnt give off A vibe. Creepy vibe, double agenda vibe, anterior motive, secret vibe, yes all those.

Maybe Im reading too much into  the outfit but it didnt scream A it screamed more undcover cop or something lol like does A wear a cap usually and popped collar and the jacket just didnt seem usual A hoodie. Maybe cause hes the big one or maybe cause he’s not. I dont know.. just random though.

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